book blotter

Doran’s 10-page 12 x 18″ Blotter Book is a common darkroom tool for drying up to 20 12 x 16″ prints. The lint-free pages allow you to safely store, transport, and dry your finished prints, and each page is chemically inert, so contamination or soiling is never a concern. The blotter book is ideal for both fiber- and resin-coated paper varieties, and each print is separated to minimize any potential scratching.

What is the purpose of a blotter book?

A blotter book is a conventional darkroom printing instrument that is also known as a print or picture drying book. A blotter book is precisely what it says on the tin – a book of blotter paper sheets, generally split with wax paper to keep the sheets from adhering together. This easy-to-use attachment makes drying curl-prone fiber-based prints a breeze.

Because wet darkroom prints are so delicate, photo drying books are made of blotting paper manufactured specifically for the job. To begin with, the paper must be as lint-free as possible, so that no fibers shed and embed themselves in the soft wet emulsion. Furthermore, in order to preserve the archival qualities of darkroom prints,

What is the purpose of a blotter book in darkroom printing?

A blotter book isn’t a must-have darkroom printing item, but it can make your life easier in some circumstances. If you’re printing in a small, improvised darkroom in your spare bathroom, for example, you may not have much place to hang or put your prints to dry on screens. A standard blotter book can hold over 20 prints while just taking up one piece of counter space. On top of that, they can be stacked!

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