gentle parenting books

From birth to seven years old, The Gentle Parenting Book shows you how to create calmer, happier children.

Trends in parenting come and go. Gentle parenting is distinct in that it is not a label for a set of rules, but rather a technique of parenting that considers both the needs of the parent and the needs of the kid while keeping current science and child psychology in mind. Parenting with empathy, respect, understanding – and boundaries – is what it entails.
Sarah Ockwell-The Smith’s Gentle Parenting Book is a reliable combination of what to expect and gentle-parenting answers to the most common issues faced by parents of young children. Sarah talks about coping with a crying baby, introducing solid meals and developing healthy eating habits, potty training, starting nursery and school, sibling rivalry, tantrums, whining and pouting, aggressive behavior, and much more.

There’s also plenty of advise – and reassurance – for parents who have previously employed a more dictatorial approach to parenting. Gentle parenting is a relief for many parents because it aligns with their deepest instincts about how to raise their children.

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