the book of lagier ch 34

The Book of Lagier is a fantasy series written by Updating in the (English/Raw) language. What is the subject of this comic?

Embilden, the great Demon King, was the first to bring the demon realm together. A human dared to summon the Demon King one day. It was Prince Lagier Lou Jerlayla Rodwill, who was greedy and overweight! However, he made a mistake while summoning the Demon King, which resulted in his death. Because of the bargain he made with the Demon King, Lagier’s body has been frozen… “I suppose I should just grant him his request.” The Demon King transforms as Lagier in order to grant the Prince’s wish before he is frozen to death.

Until the end of time, the kingdom of Jerlayla will dominate the globe with unrivaled might! This is the beginning of a new tale……! “I think I should begin by decreasing weight.”… First, I need to go on a diet.

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